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* ipset: update my email addressJozsef Kadlecsik2019-06-051-1/+1
* Fix interactive modeFredrik Eriksson2012-11-101-5/+2
* Fix errors when compiling in debug mode.Krunal Patel2012-08-311-4/+0
* The commandline parser was too permissive, make it more strictJozsef Kadlecsik2012-06-191-31/+29
* Allow saving to/restoring from a file without shell redirectionJozsef Kadlecsik2012-05-231-0/+39
* Move ipset_port_usage() into libNeutron Soutmun2012-05-061-31/+0
* Improve ipset help text messages (Mr Dash Four)Jozsef Kadlecsik2012-04-191-4/+4
* Whitespace and coding fixes detected by checkpatch.plJozsef Kadlecsik2011-05-311-37/+37
* Update ipset help text to reflect SCTP and UDPLITE supportJozsef Kadlecsik2011-05-121-3/+3
* Support listing setnames and headers tooJozsef Kadlecsik2011-04-181-0/+13
* Allow "new" as a commad alias to "create"Jozsef Kadlecsik2011-02-011-7/+7
* Match command prefixesJozsef Kadlecsik2010-12-171-1/+1
* Fixes, cleanups, commentsv5.0-pre8Jozsef Kadlecsik2010-10-241-1/+33
* ipset 5 in an almost ready state - milestonev5.0-pre1Jozsef Kadlecsik2010-06-151-69/+162
* Fourth stage to ipset-5Jozsef Kadlecsik2010-04-221-0/+151