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TCP Window Tracking
- PPC testsuite failure
+ PPC heisenbug failure
u32 classifier
-x CPU consumption on stream.c flood
-x Fix for PowerPC alignment for ERROR node
- (t->target.target_size != e->next_offset - e->target_offset)
IPv6: `Hook 4 already set' message.
-x Merge netfilter IPv6 stuff
- Merge IRC conntrack module
- Merge RPC conntrack module
- Merge pool module.
Merge random module.
- Merge SNMP NAT module
-x ipchains compat module removal with existing rules: crash.
-x ipchains -A without ipchains module loaded oops.
-x ARM crash in pre-5 when pinging through ipt_MASQUERADE.
-x Dependency problem with libiptc.c (change it, no remake).
ICQ module
- Random crashes after adding REJECT rule, testing it, cleaning up,
- rmmoding and running /etc/init.d/gateway stop.
-x Russell King's ipchains module crash report.
-C utility.
Static (dumb) NAT.
-x Fix ICMP errors for NAT.
- ipchains module doesn't load with CONFIG_MODVERSIONS.
-x Investigate ping corruption with ipchains and iptables MASQ in -test2.
-x touch userspace/libiptc/libiptc.c doesn't cause re-make.
- skb_cow in NAT.
MTU change in route_me_harder + test.
Hard lockup with ip_queue under heavy load.
OSPF failure on local box with NAT (Lai Zit Seng)
IPv6 ping crash with NAT.
+ Redirecting loopback to external machines (LOCAL_IN hook for NAT).
+ Jules Bean: `Problems with large transfers'