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TODO updates (mostly newnat related)
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Currently maintained by Harald Welte <>
Please inform me, if you want to work on any of the TODO items, so I
can update this list and thus prevent two people doing the same work.
-CVS ID: $Id: TODO,v 1.58 2002/02/25 09:27:31 laforge Exp $
+CVS ID: $Id: TODO,v 1.59 2002/03/19 07:56:59 laforge Exp $
- solution for nostate / notrack (we don't want to track specific conn's)
@@ -19,7 +19,11 @@ x speed issues (mark_source_chains, Robert Olsson)
x fix apparent output nat + slip oops bug; see thread at
x TFTP helper: works only on second packet?
-- necessary structures for helper match in newnat
+x necessary structures for helper match in newnat [HW]
+- port old conntrack/nat helpers to newnat [HW]
+- update NAT part of netfilter-hacking-HOWTO to newnat [HW]
+- update packet traversal schematics to represent 5hook-mangle
+- update manpages to include recently submitted extensions
- token ring crashes ??
@@ -41,7 +45,7 @@ x interface names in ipv6 can contain _ and -
x make patch-o-matic reversible
x fix and test the netfilter bridging stuff
-- ip_nat_ident module [FM]
+- ip_nat_ident module
x provide daily CVS snapshots via ftp [HW]
- make iptables / ip6tables use the same codebase (as libiptc) [KA]
x REJECT optionally generates port unreachable with faked SOURCE
@@ -75,7 +79,6 @@ Userspace queuing for 2.5:
[BC] Brad Chapman <>
-[FM] Fabrice Marie <>
[HW] Harald Welte <>
[JK] Jozsef Kadlecsik <>
[JM] James Morris <>