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'recent' match update by Stephen Frost:
- Moved RECENT_NAME/RECENT_VER #define's to ipt_recent.h - Added #define for IPT_RECENT_NAME_LEN instead of using constants directly - Changed default packet count list length to 20 instead of 10 - Added option to define permissions for proc files created under /proc/net/ipt_recent - Changed printfs to be unsigned for unsigned variables - Added explicit NULL termination for table name - Fixed TTL checking to deal with TTL decrementing in routing logic, should work across chains now. - Side to check/set against is no longer per-table but per-rule, default src - Created unsigned time_temp for time caluclations instead of using signed temp variables - Fixed spinlock handling in checkentry to not vmalloc while holding a spinlock. - Cleaned up memory free'ing routines to correctly free all memory on failure - Fixed spinlock handling in destroy to not free while holding spinlock - Added sanity check to hash table size, if an invalid size is given the default will be used instead and a warning generated. - Fixed save() function in libipt_recent.c - Cleaned up and shortened
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