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Updated REJECT documentation
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The type given can be
.BR icmp-net-unreachable ,
.BR icmp-host-unreachable ,
-.BR icmp-port-unreachable or
-.BR icmp-proto-unreachable
+.BR icmp-port-unreachable ,
+.BR icmp-proto-unreachable ,
+.BR icmp-net-prohibited or
+.BR icmp-host-prohibited ,
which return the appropriate ICMP error message (port-unreachable is
the default). The option
.B echo-reply
is also allowed; it can only be used for rules which specify an ICMP
-ping packet, and generates a ping reply.
+ping packet, and generates a ping reply. Finally, the option
+.B tcp-reset
+can be used on rules in (or called from) the
+chain which only match the TCP protocol: this causes a TCP RST packet
+to be sent back.
This is used to set the 8-bit Type of Service field in the IP header.
It is only valid in the