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* [PATCH] port physdev to ip6tables (Bart De Schuymer)kaber2004-09-121-0/+24
* With a 64bit kernel only the high 32bits of nfmark was used regardless ofgandalf2004-05-262-0/+25
* Fix 64bit kernel / 32bit userspace issue.gandalf2004-05-261-0/+25
* apply ipv6 hoplimit (hl match, HL target) patch (Maciej Soltysiak <solt@dns.t...laforge2003-01-082-0/+44
* new ip6 FRAG match by kiszalaforge2002-03-262-0/+42
* Add AH/ESP match for ipv6laforge2002-03-252-0/+44
* make compilation of libip6t_LOG, libipt_length, libip6t_length andlaforge2002-02-172-0/+28
* added libip6t_REJECT.c for IPv6 reject supportlaforge2001-07-231-0/+16