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* fixing a lot of bugs / cleaning uplaforge2001-03-151-5/+15
* ip6tables-save/-restore by Kis-Szabo Andraslaforge2001-02-261-1/+3
* Fixes bug with inverted destination IP (report+fix by Bart Theunissen)laforge2001-01-261-1/+1
* fix another iptables-save segfault when match doesn't provide save function (...laforge2001-01-241-1/+4
* fixes segfault in iptables-savelaforge2001-01-231-4/+5
* Fix compile warning about const.rusty2001-01-071-1/+1
* o serveral changes / additions to libiptc:laforge2001-01-051-3/+3
* make iptables-restore and iptables-save work again!laforge2000-12-011-77/+83
* Minor compile fixes.rusty2000-08-271-2/+2
* A few more fixes.rusty2000-07-301-53/+102
* Module loading now can be compulsory.rusty2000-05-021-2/+3
* Makefile fixes for release.svn_t_nf-post-merge-1-0-0alpharusty2000-03-201-1/+1
* reorganized tree after kernel mergesvn_t_netfiltermarc2000-03-201-0/+260