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Resync header file and build IPv6 ah match unconditionally
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# package (HW)
PF_EXT_SLIB:=ah addrtype conntrack ecn icmp iprange owner policy realm recent tos ttl unclean CLUSTERIP DNAT ECN LOG MASQUERADE MIRROR NETMAP REDIRECT REJECT SAME SNAT TOS TTL ULOG
-PF6_EXT_SLIB:=eui64 hl icmp6 owner policy HL LOG REJECT
+PF6_EXT_SLIB:=ah eui64 hl icmp6 owner policy HL LOG REJECT
PFX_EXT_SLIB:=connbytes connmark connlimit comment dccp dscp esp hashlimit helper length limit mac mark multiport physdev pkttype quota sctp state statistic standard string tcp tcpmss udp CLASSIFY CONNMARK DSCP MARK NFLOG NFQUEUE NOTRACK TCPMSS TRACE
ifeq ($(DO_SELINUX), 1)