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manpages: consistent syntax
In the manpages, bold is used to denote characters the user has to enter verbatim, italic denotes placeholders and non-highlighted pieces are used as a structure: "[]" specifying an optional part, "{}" a mandatory part, with "|" used for alternations. The "!" for negation is better supported before the option than after it, too. The patch makes a few files consistent with this style already used in manpages.
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This extension can be used if `--protocol ipv6-icmp' or `--protocol icmpv6' is
specified. It provides the following option:
-.BR "--icmpv6-type " "[!] \fItype\fP[/\fIcode\fP]|\fItypename\fP"
+[\fB!\fP] \fB--icmpv6-type\fP \fItype\fP[\fB/\fP\fIcode\fP]|\fItypename\fP
This allows specification of the ICMPv6 type, which can be a numeric
.IR type ,