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nft: Check base-chain compatibility when adding to cache
With introduction of dedicated base-chain slots, a selection process was established as no longer all base-chains ended in the same chain list for later searching/checking but only the first one found for each hook matching criteria is kept and the rest discarded. A side-effect of the above is that table compatibility checking started to omit consecutive base-chains, making iptables-nft less restrictive as long as the expected base-chains were returned first from kernel when populating the cache. Make behaviour consistent and warn users about the possibly disturbing chains found by: * Run all base-chain checks from nft_is_chain_compatible() before allowing a base-chain to occupy its slot. * If an unfit base-chain was found (and discarded), flag the table's cache as tainted and warn about it if the remaining ruleset is otherwise compatible. Since base-chains that remain in cache would pass nft_is_chain_compatible() checking, remove that and reduce it to rule inspection. Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <>
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