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libxtables: xtoptions: Fix for non-CIDR-compatible hostmasksHEADmaster
In order to parse the mask, xtopt_parse_hostmask() calls xtopt_parse_plenmask() thereby limiting netmask support to prefix lengths (alternatively specified in IP address notation). In order to lift this impractical restriction, make xtopt_parse_plenmask() aware of the fact that xtopt_parse_plen() may fall back to xtopt_parse_mask() which correctly initializes val.hmask itself and indicates non-CIDR-compatible masks by setting val.hlen to -1. So in order to support these odd masks, it is sufficient for xtopt_parse_plenmask() to skip its mask building from val.hlen value and take whatever val.hmask contains. Fixes: 66266abd17adc ("libxtables: XTTYPE_HOSTMASK support") Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <>
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