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libxtables: Fix unsupported extension warning corner case
Some extensions are not supported in revision 0 by user space anymore, for those the warning in xtables_compatible_revision() does not print as no revision 0 is tried. To fix this, one has to track if none of the user space supported revisions were accepted by the kernel. Therefore add respective logic to xtables_find_{target,match}(). Note that this does not lead to duplicated warnings for unsupported extensions that have a revision 0 because xtables_compatible_revision() returns true for them to allow for extension's help output. For the record, these ip6tables extensions are affected: set/SET, socket, tos/TOS, TPROXY and SNAT. In addition to that, TEE is affected for both families. Fixes: 17534cb18ed0a ("Improve error messages for unsupported extensions") Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <>
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