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libxt_tcp: manpage corrections and suggestions
From: Ian Bruce <> The commit corrects some minor errors in the iptables(8) man page, related to port ranges in the "tcp" module. Reference: Signed-off-by: Jan Engelhardt <>
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@@ -4,10 +4,10 @@ provides the following options:
[\fB!\fP] \fB\-\-source\-port\fP,\fB\-\-sport\fP \fIport\fP[\fB:\fP\fIport\fP]
Source port or port range specification. This can either be a service
name or a port number. An inclusive range can also be specified,
-using the format \fIport\fP\fB:\fP\fIport\fP.
+using the format \fIfirst\fP\fB:\fP\fIlast\fP.
If the first port is omitted, "0" is assumed; if the last is omitted,
"65535" is assumed.
-If the second port is greater than the first they will be swapped.
+If the first port is greater than the second one they will be swapped.
The flag
is a convenient alias for this option.