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authorStefan Tomanek <>2011-03-08 22:42:51 +0100
committerJan Engelhardt <>2011-03-08 23:12:05 +0100
commitd59b9db031abee37a9aa9776662dd15370faabf4 (patch)
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iptables: add -C to check for existing rules
It is often useful to check whether a specific rule is already present in a chain without actually modifying the iptables config. Services like fail2ban usually employ techniques like grepping through the output of "iptables -L" which is quite error prone. This patch adds a new operation -C to the iptables command which mostly works like -D; it can detect and indicate the existence of the specified rule by modifying the exit code. The new operation TC_CHECK_ENTRY uses the same code as the -D operation, whose functions got a dry-run parameter appended. Signed-off-by: Stefan Tomanek <> Signed-off-by: Jan Engelhardt <>
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@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@
iptables \(em administration tool for IPv4 packet filtering and NAT
-\fBiptables\fP [\fB\-t\fP \fItable\fP] {\fB\-A\fP|\fB\-D\fP} \fIchain\fP \fIrule-specification\fP
+\fBiptables\fP [\fB\-t\fP \fItable\fP] {\fB\-A\fP|\fB\-C\fP|\fB\-D\fP}
+\fIchain\fP \fIrule-specification\fP
\fBiptables\fP [\fB\-t\fP \fItable\fP] \fB\-I\fP \fIchain\fP [\fIrulenum\fP] \fIrule-specification\fP
@@ -144,6 +145,12 @@ Append one or more rules to the end of the selected chain.
When the source and/or destination names resolve to more than one
address, a rule will be added for each possible address combination.
+\fB\-C\fP, \fB\-\-check\fP \fIchain rule-specification\fP
+Check whether a rule matching the specification does exist in the
+selected chain. This command uses the same logic as \fB\-D\fP to
+find a matching entry, but does not alter the existing iptables
+configuration and uses its exit code to indicate success or failure.
\fB\-D\fP, \fB\-\-delete\fP \fIchain rule-specification\fP