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Update coreteam members in manpages
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@@ -487,7 +487,8 @@ Jozsef Kadlecsik wrote the REJECT target.
Harald Welte wrote the ULOG and NFQUEUE target, the new libiptc, as well as the TTL, DSCP, ECN matches and targets.
The Netfilter Core Team is: Marc Boucher, Martin Josefsson, Yasuyuki Kozakai,
-Jozsef Kadlecsik, Patrick McHardy, James Morris, Harald Welte and Rusty Russell.
+Jozsef Kadlecsik, Patrick McHardy, James Morris, Pablo Neira Ayuso,
+Harald Welte and Rusty Russell.
Man page originally written by Herve Eychenne <>.
.\" .. and did I mention that we are incredibly cool people?