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doc: clarification on the meaning of -p 0
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@@ -356,15 +356,19 @@ corresponding to that rule's position in the chain.
When adding or inserting rules into a chain, use \fIcommand\fP
to load any necessary modules (targets, match extensions, etc).
-iptables can use extended packet matching modules. These are loaded
-in two ways: implicitly, when \fB\-p\fP or \fB\-\-protocol\fP
-is specified, or with the \fB\-m\fP or \fB\-\-match\fP
+iptables can use extended packet matching modules
+with the \fB\-m\fP or \fB\-\-match\fP
options, followed by the matching module name; after these, various
extra command line options become available, depending on the specific
module. You can specify multiple extended match modules in one line,
and you can use the \fB\-h\fP or \fB\-\-help\fP
options after the module has been specified to receive help specific
to that module.
+If the \fB\-p\fP or \fB\-\-protocol\fP was specified and if and only if an
+unknown option is encountered, iptables will try load a match module of the
+same name as the protocol, to try making the option available.
.\" @MATCH@
iptables can use extended target modules: the following are included