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nft: Make table creation purely implicit
While asserting a required builtin chain exists, its table is created implicitly if missing. Exploit this from xtables-restore, too: The only actions which need adjustment are chain_new and chain_restore, i.e. when restoring (either builtin or custom) chains. Note: The call to nft_table_builtin_add() wasn't sufficient as it doesn't set the table as initialized and therefore a following call to nft_xt_builtin_init() would override non-default base chain policies. Note2: The 'table_new' callback in 'nft_xt_restore_cb' is left in place as xtables-translate uses it to print an explicit 'add table' command. Note3: nft_table_new() function was already unused since a7f1e208cdf9c ("nft: split parsing from netlink commands"). Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <>
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