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nfnl_osf: Improve error handling
For some error cases, no log message was created - hence apart from the return code there was no indication of failing execution. If a line load fails, don't abort but continue with the remaining file contents. The current pf.os file in this repository serves as proof-of-concept: Lines 700 and 701: Duplicates of lines 698 and 699 because 'W*' and 'W0' parse into the same data. Line 704: Duplicate of line 702 because apart from 'W*' and 'W0', only the first three fields on right-hand side are sent to the kernel. When loading, these dups are ignored (they would bounce if NLM_F_EXCL was given). Upon deletion, they cause ENOENT response from kernel. In order to align duplicate-tolerance in both modes, just ignore that ENOENT. Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <>
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