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Attached are: 1. A man page for iptables-xml 2. A fix for iptables.xslt allowing for an arbitrary depth of arguments or modifiers. Although iptables-xml cannot generate more than two levels deep, xml generated by other systems may prefer to generate <action> <restore-mark> <mask>0xff00</mask> </restore-mark> </action> than <action> <restore-mark/> <mask>0xff00</mask> </action> (which is what iptables-xml generates) even though the same iptables is re-generated on conversion. 3. A fix for iptables-xml.c so that combining of consecutive targets of rules with the same match into one XML rule, will not combine over a terminating action; i.e. there is no point in converting -A table -p tcp -j DROP -A table -p tcp -j MARK --set-mark 25 -A table -p tcp -j RETURN into one XML rule with multiple actions as they are probably not logically combined in the mind of the author. Signed-off by: Sam Liddicott <>
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