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Similar to SNAT/DNAT depending on chain: it takes a range of addresses
-(`--to') and gives a client the same
+(`\-\-to\-') and gives a client the same
source-/destination-address for each connection.
-\fB--to\fP \fIipaddr\fP[\fB-\fP\fIipaddr\fP]
+\fB\-\-to\fP \fIipaddr\fP[\fB\-\fP\fIipaddr\fP]
Addresses to map source to. May be specified more than once for
multiple ranges.
-.B "--nodst"
Don't use the destination-ip in the calculations when selecting the
new source-ip
-.B "--random"
Port mapping will be forcibly randomized to avoid attacks based on
port prediction (kernel >= 2.6.21).