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-This target is an extension of the QUEUE target. As opposed to QUEUE, it allows
-you to put a packet into any specific queue, identified by its 16-bit queue
-It can only be used with Kernel versions 2.6.14 or later, since it requires
+This target passes the packet to userspace using the
+\fBnfnetlink_queue\fP handler. The packet is put into the queue
+identified by its 16-bit queue number. Userspace can inspect
+and modify the packet if desired. Userspace must then drop or
+reinject the packet into the kernel. Please see libnetfilter_queue
+for details.
-kernel support. The \fBqueue-balance\fP option was added in Linux 2.6.31,
+was added in Linux 2.6.14. The \fBqueue-balance\fP option was added in Linux 2.6.31,
\fBqueue-bypass\fP in 2.6.39.
\fB\-\-queue\-num\fP \fIvalue\fP