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@@ -5,17 +5,17 @@ any way. It can also change the mark value which can then be used in advanced
routing rules.
It takes three options:
-\fB--on-port\fR \fIport\fR
+\fB\-\-on\-port\fP \fIport\fP
This specifies a destination port to use. It is a required option, 0 means the
new destination port is the same as the original. This is only valid if the
-rule also specifies \fB-p tcp\fR or \fB-p udp\fR.
+rule also specifies \fB\-p tcp\fP or \fB\-p udp\fP.
-\fB--on-ip\fR \fIaddress\fR
+\fB\-\-on\-ip\fP \fIaddress\fP
This specifies a destination address to use. By default the address is the IP
address of the incoming interface. This is only valid if the rule also
-specifies \fB-p tcp\fR or \fR-p udp\fR.
+specifies \fB\-p tcp\fP or \fP\-p udp\fP.
-\fB--tproxy-mark\fR \fIvalue\fR[\fB/\fR\fImask\fR]
+\fB\-\-tproxy\-mark\fP \fIvalue\fP[\fB/\fP\fImask\fP]
Marks packets with the given value/mask. The fwmark value set here can be used
by advanced routing. (Required for transparent proxying to work: otherwise
these packets will get forwarded, which is probably not what you want.)