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+Match using Linux Socket Filter. Expects a BPF program in decimal format. This
+is the format generated by the \fBnfbpf_compile\fP utility.
+\fB\-\-bytecode\fP \fIcode\fP
+Pass the code in backtick format as argument.
+The code format is similar to the output of the tcpdump -ddd command: one line
+that stores the number of instructions, followed by one line for each
+instruction. Instruction lines follow the pattern 'u16 u8 u8 u32' in decimal
+notation. Fields encode the operation, jump offset if true, jump offset if
+false and generic multiuse field 'K'. Comments are not supported.
+For example, to read only packets matching 'ip proto 6', insert the following,
+without the comments or trailing whitespace:
+4 # number of instructions
+48 0 0 9 # load byte ip->proto
+21 0 1 6 # jump equal IPPROTO_TCP
+6 0 0 1 # return pass (non-zero)
+6 0 0 0 # return fail (zero)
+You can pass this filter to the bpf match with the following command:
+iptables \-A OUTPUT \-m bpf \-\-bytecode '4,48 0 0 9,21 0 1 6,6 0 0 1,6 0 0 0' \-j ACCEPT
+Or instead, you can invoke the nfbpf_compile utility.
+iptables \-A OUTPUT \-m bpf \-\-bytecode "`nfbpf_compile RAW 'ip proto 6'`" \-j ACCEPT
+You may want to learn more about BPF from FreeBSD's bpf(4) manpage.