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@@ -14,6 +14,12 @@ address and destination port pair can be found in the specified set. If
the set type of the specified set is single dimension (for example ipmap),
then the command will match packets for which the source address can be
found in the specified set.
+If the \fB\-\-return\-\-nomatch\fP option is specified and the set type
+supports the \fBnomatch\fP flag, then the matching is reversed: a match
+with an element flagged with \fBnomatch\fP returns \fBtrue\fP, while a
+match with a plain element returns \fBfalse\fP.
The option \fB\-\-match\-set\fP can be replaced by \fB\-\-set\fP if that does
not clash with an option of other extensions.