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@@ -301,10 +301,18 @@ one this rule is in), one of the special builtin targets which decide
the fate of the packet immediately, or an extension (see
below). If this
-option is omitted in a rule, then matching the rule will have no
+option is omitted in a rule (and
+.B -g
+is not used), then matching the rule will have no
effect on the packet's fate, but the counters on the rule will be
+.BI "-g, --goto " "chain"
+This specifies that the processing should continue in a user
+specified chain. Unlike the --jump option return will not continue
+processing in this chain but instead in the chain that called us via
.BR "-i, --in-interface " "[!] \fIname\fP"
Name of an interface via which a packet is going to be received (only for
packets entering the