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[\fB!\fP] \fB\-p\fP, \fB\-\-protocol\fP \fIprotocol\fP
The protocol of the rule or of the packet to check.
The specified protocol can be one of \fBtcp\fP, \fBudp\fP, \fBudplite\fP,
-\fBicmpv6\fP, \fBesp\fP, \fBmh\fP or \fBall\fP,
+\fBicmpv6\fP, \fBesp\fP, \fBmh\fP or the special keyword "\fBall\fP",
or it can be a numeric value, representing one of these protocols or a
different one. A protocol name from /etc/protocols is also allowed.
But IPv6 extension headers except \fBesp\fP are not allowed.
\fBesp\fP and \fBipv6\-nonext\fP
can be used with Kernel version 2.6.11 or later.
A "!" argument before the protocol inverts the
-test. The number zero is equivalent to \fBall\fP.
-Protocol \fBall\fP
+test. The number zero is equivalent to \fBall\fP. "\fBall\fP"
will match with all protocols and is taken as default when this
option is omitted.