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@@ -362,23 +362,8 @@ When adding or inserting rules into a chain, use \fIcommand\fP
to load any necessary modules (targets, match extensions, etc).
-ip6tables can use extended packet matching modules
-with the \fB\-m\fP or \fB\-\-match\fP
-options, followed by the matching module name; after these, various
-extra command line options become available, depending on the specific
-module. You can specify multiple extended match modules in one line,
-and you can use the \fB\-h\fP or \fB\-\-help\fP
-options after the module has been specified to receive help specific
-to that module.
-If the \fB\-p\fP or \fB\-\-protocol\fP was specified and if and only if an
-unknown option is encountered, ip6tables will try load a match module of the
-same name as the protocol, to try making the option available.
-.\" @MATCH@
-ip6tables can use extended target modules: the following are included
-in the standard distribution.
-.\" @TARGET@
+iptables can use extended packet matching and target modules.
+A list of these is available in the \fBiptables\-extensions\fP(8) manpage.
Various error messages are printed to standard error. The exit code
is 0 for correct functioning. Errors which appear to be caused by
@@ -405,6 +390,8 @@ There are several other changes in ip6tables.