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+xtables-monitor \(em show changes to rule set and trace-events
+\fBxtables\-monitor\fP [\fB\-t\fP] [\fB\-e\fP] [\fB\-4\fP|\fB|\-6\fB]
+.B xtables-monitor
+is used to monitor changes to the ruleset or to show rule evaluation events
+for packets tagged using the TRACE target.
+.B xtables-monitor
+will run until the user aborts execution, typically by using CTRL-C.
+\fB\-e\fP, \fB\-\-event\fP
+Watch for updates to the rule set.
+Updates include creation of new tables, chains and rules and
+the name of the program that caused the rule update.
+\fB\-t\fP, \fB\-\-trace\fP
+Watch for trace events generated by packets that have been tagged
+using the TRACE target.
+Restrict output to ipv4.
+Restrict output to ipv6.
+.B xtables-monitor \-\-trace
+ 1 TRACE: 2 fc475095 raw:PREROUTING:rule:0x3:CONTINUE \-4 \-t raw \-A PREROUTING \-p icmp \-j TRACE
+ 2 PACKET: 0 fc475095 IN=lo LL=0x304 0000000000000000000000000800 SRC= DST= LEN=84 TOS=0x0 TTL=64 ID=38349DF
+ 3 TRACE: 2 fc475095 raw:PREROUTING:return:
+ 4 TRACE: 2 fc475095 raw:PREROUTING:policy:ACCEPT
+ 5 TRACE: 2 fc475095 filter:INPUT:return:
+ 6 TRACE: 2 fc475095 filter:INPUT:policy:DROP
+ 7 TRACE: 2 0df9d3d8 raw:PREROUTING:rule:0x3:CONTINUE \-4 \-t raw \-A PREROUTING \-p icmp \-j TRACE
+The first line shows a packet entering rule set evaluation.
+The protocol number is shown (AF_INET in this case), then a packet
+identifier number that allows to correlate messages coming from rule set evaluation of
+this packet. After this, the rule that was matched by the packet is shown.
+This is the TRACE rule that turns on tracing events for this packet.
+The second line dumps information about the packet. Incoming interface
+and packet headers such as source and destination addresses are shown.
+The third line shows that the packet completed traversal of the raw table
+PREROUTING chain, and is returning, followed by use the chain policy to make accept/drop
+decision (the example shows accept being applied).
+The fifth line shows that the packet leaves the filter INPUT chain, i.e., no rules in the filter tables
+INPUT chain matched the packet.
+It then got DROPPED by the policy of the INPUT table, as hown by line six.
+The last line shows another packet arriving \-\- the packet id is different.
+When using the TRACE target, it is usally a good idea to only select packets
+that are relevant, for example via
+iptables \-t raw \-A PREROUTING \-p tcp \-\-dport 80 \-\-syn \-m limit \-\-limit 1/s \-j TRACE
+.B xtables-monitor \-\-event
+ 1 EVENT: nft: NEW table: table filter ip flags 0 use 4 handle 444
+ 2 EVENT: # nft: ip filter INPUT use 2 type filter hook input prio 0 policy drop packets 0 bytes 0
+ 3 EVENT: # nft: ip filter FORWARD use 0 type filter hook forward prio 0 policy accept packets 0 bytes 0
+ 4 EVENT: # nft: ip filter OUTPUT use 0 type filter hook output prio 0 policy accept packets 0 bytes 0
+ 5 EVENT: \-4 \-t filter \-N TCP
+ 6 EVENT: \-4 \-t filter \-A TCP \-s \-p tcp \-m tcp \-\-dport 22 \-j ACCEPT
+ 7 EVENT: \-4 \-t filter \-A TCP \-p tcp \-m multiport \-\-dports 80,443 \-j ACCEPT
+ 8 EVENT: \-4 \-t filter \-A INPUT \-p tcp \-j TCP
+ 9 EVENT: \-4 \-t filter \-A INPUT \-m conntrack \-\-ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED \-j ACCEPT
+ 10 NEWGEN: GENID=13904 PID=25167 NAME=iptables-nftables-restore
+This example shows event monitoring. Line one shows creation of a table (filter in this case), followed
+by three base hooks INPUT, FORWARD and OUTPUT. The iptables-nftables tools all create tables and base
+chains automatically when needed, so this is expected when a table was not yet initialized or when it is
+re-created from scratch by iptables-nftables-restore. Line five shows a new user-defined chain (TCP)
+being added, followed by addition a few rules. the last line shows that a new ruleset generation has
+become active, i.e., the rule set changes are now active. This also lists the process id and the programs name.
+.B xtables-monitor
+only works with rules added using iptables-nftables, rules added using
+iptables-legacy cannot be monitored.
+Should be reported or by sending email to or
+by filing a report on
+\fBiptables\fP(8), \fBxtables\fP(8), \fBnft\fP(8)