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* ebtables: Fix MAC address match translationPhil Sutter2022-12-021-1/+1
* xtables-translate: Fix for interfaces with asterisk mid-stringPhil Sutter2022-12-021-7/+7
* extensions: change expected output for new formatFlorian Westphal2022-11-301-28/+28
* ebtables: Support '-p Length'Phil Sutter2022-09-281-0/+6
* xtables-translate: Fix translation of odd netmasksPhil Sutter2021-03-091-0/+48
* xtables-translate: Fix for iface++Phil Sutter2020-02-141-0/+4
* xtables-translate: Fix for interface name corner-casesPhil Sutter2020-02-111-0/+12
* xtables-compat: extend generic tests for masks and wildcardsFlorian Westphal2018-05-151-0/+15
* tests: add regression tests for xtables-translatePablo M. Bermudo Garay2017-04-071-0/+5