path: root/extensions/libxt_CT.c
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* extensions: libxt_CT: add translation for NOTRACKPablo Neira Ayuso2020-04-151-0/+16
* libxt_CT: add support for recently introduced zone optionsDaniel Borkmann2015-09-291-14/+73
* libxt_CT: Add the "NOTRACK" aliasJozsef Kadlecsik2013-07-241-0/+48
* extensions: add copyright statementsPatrick McHardy2013-05-291-0/+4
* libxt_NOTRACK: replace as an alias to CT --notrackJan Engelhardt2012-09-291-0/+40
* libxt_CT: add --timeout optionPablo Neira Ayuso2012-04-021-12/+122
* libxt_CT: use guided option parserJan Engelhardt2011-04-131-46/+28
* iptables: do not print trailing whitespacesJan Engelhardt2011-01-311-8/+7
* extensions: remove no longer necessary default: casesJan Engelhardt2011-01-081-2/+0
* all: consistent syntax use in struct optionJan Engelhardt2010-07-231-6/+7
* CT: fix --ctevents parsingPablo Neira Ayuso2010-05-091-2/+2
* libxt_CT: print conntrack zone in ->print/->savePatrick McHardy2010-04-201-0/+4
* libxt_CT: add a manpageJan Engelhardt2010-03-111-1/+1
* extensions: add CT extensionPatrick McHardy2010-03-081-0/+188