path: root/extensions/libxt_devgroup.c
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* xtables: Introduce and use common function to print val[/mask] argumentsSerhey Popovych2018-04-271-21/+6
* xtables: Introduce and use common function to parse val[/mask] argumentsSerhey Popovych2018-04-271-30/+5
* extensions: Initialize linear mapping of symbols in _init() of extensionSerhey Popovych2018-04-271-10/+7
* extensions: libxt_devgroup: handle the invert flag properly in translationLiping Zhang2016-10-141-2/+3
* src: introduce struct xt_xlate_{mt,tg}_paramsPablo Neira Ayuso2016-07-251-3/+3
* xtables-translate: fix multiple spaces issuePablo M. Bermudo Garay2016-07-091-4/+6
* extensions: libxt_devgroup: Fix order of mask and idShivani Bhardwaj2016-06-021-2/+2
* iptables-translate: pass ipt_entry and ip6t_entry to ->xlate()Pablo Neira Ayuso2016-03-091-1/+1
* extensions: rename xt_buf to xt_xlatePablo Neira Ayuso2016-02-161-11/+11
* extensions: libxt_devgroup: Add translation to nftShivani Bhardwaj2016-02-161-0/+53
* extensions: devgroup: fix showing and saving of dst-groupAna Rey2014-11-041-1/+1
* extensions: libxt_devgroup: Fix the path of the group mappings fileAna Rey2014-09-191-2/+2
* libxt_devgroup: guard against negative numbersJan Engelhardt2012-07-311-4/+6
* libxt_devgroup: consolidate devgroup specification parsingJan Engelhardt2012-07-311-40/+30
* libxt_devgroup: actually set XT_DEVGROUP_OPT_???GROUP flagsLutz Jaenicke2011-05-231-0/+2
* libxt_devgroup: use guided option parserJan Engelhardt2011-04-131-160/+41
* libxt_devgroup: option whitespace update following v1.4.10-49-g7386635Jan Engelhardt2011-02-161-7/+7
* extensions: add extension for devgroup matchPatrick McHardy2011-02-031-0/+297