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* Fix setting lib_dir in ip*tables-{save,restore}Martin Josefsson2004-12-271-0/+1
* Add versions of string_to_number() for use in 32bit userspace with 64bit kernel.Martin Josefsson2004-05-261-0/+8
* Fix 'iptables -p !' bug (segfault when `!' used without argument)Harald Welte2002-03-141-1/+1
* - added patch to support statically linking of iptablesHarald Welte2001-08-061-0/+7
* string_to_number fixHarald Welte2001-07-231-1/+4
* Added support for iptables-restore module-load-on-demand (a. van schie)Harald Welte2001-06-161-0/+1
* IPv6 enhancements.Rusty Russell2000-05-021-0/+18