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* copyright / GPL noticeHarald Welte2002-08-071-3/+3
* globally replace NETFILTER_VERSION with IPTABLES_VERSION to have consistent n...Harald Welte2002-05-291-3/+3
* fix typo in commentHarald Welte2002-01-171-2/+2
* Set verbose = 1 when -v option specified.Marc Boucher2001-12-061-2/+5
* check for --table as well as -t (Andreas Ferber)Harald Welte2001-10-221-2/+3
* fix stupid bug introduced with too-lazy "-t" checking.Harald Welte2001-10-211-17/+11
* fix of-by-one for-loop for debug statementHarald Welte2001-10-161-2/+2
* prevent ip(6)tables-restore from crashing when a line contains -tHarald Welte2001-10-161-1/+17
* - added patch to support statically linking of iptablesHarald Welte2001-08-061-1/+5
* Added support for iptables-restore module-load-on-demand (a. van schie)Harald Welte2001-06-161-5/+18
* iptables-save had problems with multiple spaces between options (A. van Schie)Harald Welte2001-05-261-3/+6
* the parse-error with log target and spaces in log-prefix should be fixed nowHarald Welte2001-05-031-13/+63
* fixing a lot of bugs / cleaning upHarald Welte2001-03-151-57/+57
* ip6tables-save/-restore by Kis-Szabo AndrasAndrás Kis-Szabó2001-02-261-2/+11
* added 'iptables --set-counters' and fixed counter-restore in iptables-restoreHarald Welte2001-01-231-12/+17
* Addeed FIXME.Rusty Russell2001-01-071-0/+1
* o serveral changes / additions to libiptc:Harald Welte2001-01-051-5/+29
* adding --noflush option for iptables-restoreHarald Welte2000-12-191-13/+44
* preprocessor macro syntaxHarald Welte2000-12-061-2/+2
* make iptables-restore and iptables-save work again!Harald Welte2000-12-011-33/+103
* Makefile fixes for release.v1.0.0-alphaRusty Russell2000-03-201-1/+1
* reorganized tree after kernel mergeMarc Boucher2000-03-201-0/+154