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- Add missing files: include/libnfnetlink_conntrack/ and include/
- Rename list_conntrack_handler to callback_handler, IMHO a proper name for such function. - Use new nfnl_open prototype: Now it's got four parameters. - Kill recurrent definition of the structure nfnlhdr: Actually this should go somewhere in libnfnetlink, later. - Ignore utils subdirectory. It contains a testsuite that is currently broken. Yes I know you're aware of it ;) it's on the TODO list. I'll fix later. - ctnl_error now has a nicer definition. - kill some unneeded ctnl_error messages on failure. (Pablo Neira)
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-nobase_include_HEADERS = libnfnetlink_conntrack/libnfnetlink_conntrack.h
+SUBDIRS = libnfnetlink_conntrack