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* conntrack: fix new ATTR_GRP_[ORIG|REPL]_ADDR_[SRC|DST]Pablo Neira Ayuso2012-04-293-1/+20
* conntrack: add new ATTR_GRP_[ORIG|REPL]_ADDR_[SRC|DST] attributePablo Neira Ayuso2012-04-271-0/+10
* conntrack: add support for CTA_MARK_MASK and filtered dumpingPablo Neira Ayuso2012-02-096-1/+46
* expect: add expectfn supportPablo Neira Ayuso2012-02-063-0/+5
* expect: add NAT supportPablo Neira Ayuso2012-02-063-0/+13
* expect: add class supportPablo Neira Ayuso2012-02-063-0/+3
* expect: add XML support for nfexp_snprintf()Pablo Neira Ayuso2012-01-221-0/+12
* expect: add nfexp_cmpPablo Neira Ayuso2012-01-042-0/+6
* src: put nf_expect and nf_conntrack into dietPablo Neira Ayuso2012-01-041-16/+22
* include: remove reference to licensing terms from headersPablo Neira Ayuso2012-01-026-42/+0
* conntrack: fix size of CTA_PROTOINFO_TCP_FLAGS_ORIGINAL in ARMPablo Neira Ayuso2011-12-311-0/+6
* src: clarify licensing terms of library (GPLv2+)Pablo Neira Ayuso2011-12-303-15/+5
* src: export NFCT_HELPER_NAME_MAXPablo Neira Ayuso2011-12-242-6/+9
* expect: support CTA_EXPECT_HELP_NAMEPablo Neira Ayuso2011-12-242-0/+2
* expect: add nfexp_send()Pablo Neira Ayuso2011-12-081-0/+5
* expect: nfexp_snprintf displays mask and master tuple informationPablo Neira Ayuso2011-12-061-1/+1
* src: deprecate low level APIPablo Neira Ayuso2011-02-221-6/+12
* conntrack: deprecate nfct_sizeof() and nfct_maxsize() functionsPablo Neira Ayuso2011-02-171-2/+2
* conntrack: add NFCT_CP_OVERRIDE flag for nfct_copy()Pablo Neira Ayuso2011-02-172-0/+2
* conntrack: add timestamp supportPablo Neira Ayuso2011-02-174-1/+25
* include: sync IPS_* bits with current in the Linux kernelPablo Neira Ayuso2011-02-061-1/+9
* src: add support for CTA_SECCTXPablo Neira Ayuso2011-01-163-1/+13
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Neira Ayuso2010-12-211-14/+14
| * src: declare non-modified data as constJan Engelhardt2010-11-091-14/+14
* | src: replace CTA_PROTOINFO_DCCP_SEQ by CTA_PROTOINFO_DCCP_HANDSHAKE_SEQPablo Neira Ayuso2010-12-181-1/+1
* expect: export already implement low-level functionsPablo Neira Ayuso2010-11-091-0/+18
* src: allow to use nfct handler for conntrack and expectations at the same timePablo Neira Ayuso2010-11-081-1/+2
* expect: add support for CTA_EXPECT_FLAGSPablo Neira Ayuso2010-10-073-0/+8
* expect: add CTA_EXPECT_ZONE supportPablo Neira Ayuso2010-10-073-2/+3
* src: fix warning in compilationPablo Neira Ayuso2010-10-031-2/+2
* ct: add zone supportPablo Neira Ayuso2010-05-033-0/+3
* src: add support for TCP window scale factorPablo Neira Ayuso2010-02-162-0/+3
* header: counters are 64-bits longPablo Neira Ayuso2010-01-241-4/+4
* expect: add new callback interface while keeping backward compatibilityPablo Neira Ayuso2009-07-162-0/+17
* src: rename ATTR_DCCP_SEQ by ATTR_DCCP_HANDSHAKE_SEQPablo Neira Ayuso2009-07-162-2/+2
* headers: include u64 get/set prototype in libnetfilter_conntrack.hPablo Neira Ayuso2009-07-161-0/+7
* src: add support for DCCP 64-bits sequence number trackingPablo Neira Ayuso2009-07-143-0/+3
* bsf: add support for IPv6 address filteringPablo Neira Ayuso2009-07-142-0/+19
* src: recover some obsolete enums and constants not to break backwardPablo Neira Ayuso2009-06-214-2/+92
* tcp: add support for SYN_SENT2 statePablo Neira Ayuso2009-06-101-1/+2
* include: shrink helper name field to 16 bytesPablo Neira Ayuso2009-05-301-1/+4
* api: add new callback interface while keeping backward compatibilityPablo Neira Ayuso2009-05-232-0/+21
* src: add DCCP role attributePablo Neira Ayuso2009-04-244-0/+10
* snprintf: remove duplicated protocol string definitionsPablo Neira Ayuso2009-04-142-0/+10
* src: add initial DCCP supportPablo Neira Ayuso2009-04-144-2/+44
* header: refresh nfnetlink_conntrack.h copyPablo Neira Ayuso2009-04-101-6/+6
* include: deprecate several header files with obsolete enumsPablo Neira Ayuso2009-03-066-163/+20
* src: remove reminiscent of NFCT_DIR_ORIGINAL and old prototypesPablo Neira Ayuso2009-02-171-285/+0
* src: remove old deprecated APIPablo Neira Ayuso2009-02-174-72/+1
* headers: add CTA_NAT_SEQ_UNSPEC to linux_nfnetlink_conntrack.hPablo Neira Ayuso2008-12-101-0/+1