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src: doc: Major re-work of user packet buffer documentation
Divide functions into a hierarchy: top-level: Functions all programs that modify data will use 2nd-level: Rarely-used functions 3rd-level: Functions not to use (should have been declared static) Only the top-level functions appear on the "User-space network packet buffer" page, which looks a lot less daunting than it used to. Parameter descriptions all match prototypes All non-void functions have a "Returns" paragraph Code change: pktb_alloc: set errno to EPROTONOSUPPORT before doing error return because protocol is not supported Detailed other updates (top-level) pktb_alloc: - Add "Errors" para - Add "See also" para pktb_data, pktb_len: Add "appropriate use" line pktb_mangle: Add warning to use a different function unless mangling MAC hddr pktb_mangled: Add usage hint line Detailed other updates (2nd-level) pktb_mac_header: Point out only for AF_BRIDGE pktb_tailroom: Point out no dynamic expansion pktb_transport_header: Add note that programmer must code to set this Signed-off-by: Duncan Roe <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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