path: root/include/libnftnl/common.h
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* include: missing C++ linkage in headersPablo Neira Ayuso2018-07-031-0/+8
* common: return nlmsghdr in nftnl_batch_{begin,end}()Pablo Neira Ayuso2017-02-161-2/+2
* common: get rid of nftnl_batch_build_hdr()Pablo Neira Ayuso2017-02-161-2/+2
* src: get rid of aliases and compatPablo Neira Ayuso2016-12-201-53/+0
* src: add compat header file definitionsPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-071-0/+53
* src: rename existing functions to use the nftnl_ prefixPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-071-33/+33
* parser: Add operation not supported error messageAlvaro Neira2015-03-171-0/+1
* src: add command tag in JSON/XML export supportAlvaro Neira Ayuso2015-02-101-0/+10
* common: add batching interfacesPablo Neira Ayuso2014-08-141-0/+5
* src: add flag to add event wrapping in output functionsArturo Borrero2014-04-261-0/+6
* include: add stdint.h to common.hArturo Borrero2014-01-211-0/+2
* rename library to libnftnllibnftnl-1.0.0Pablo Neira Ayuso2014-01-201-0/+31