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* expr: Add const qualifiers to *2str translation arraysTobias Klauser2017-01-161-1/+1
* src: remove libmxml supportArturo Borrero2016-09-231-38/+0
* src: Implement rule comparisonCarlos Falgueras García2016-08-171-0/+26
* src: don't set data_len to zero when returning pointersPablo Neira Ayuso2016-08-011-1/+0
* src: Fix nftnl_*_get_data() to return the real attribute lengthCarlos Falgueras García2016-07-111-0/+3
* src: check for strdup() errors from setters and parsersPablo Neira Ayuso2016-06-151-0/+4
* libnftnl: constify object arguments to various functionsPatrick McHardy2016-05-091-5/+5
* libnftnl: allow any set name lengthPablo Neira Ayuso2016-05-051-8/+12
* src: rename nftnl_rule_expr to nftnl_exprPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-071-38/+38
* src: rename existing functions to use the nftnl_ prefixPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-071-109/+109
* dynset: support expression templatesPatrick McHardy2015-04-141-0/+38
* expr: dynset: fix json/xml parsingArturo Borrero Gonzalez2015-04-131-14/+34
* expr: add support for the dynset exprPatrick McHardy2015-04-121-0/+317