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* tests: expr-nat: Use different values to testShivani Bhardwaj2016-04-151-6/+6
* src: rename nftnl_rule_expr to nftnl_exprPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-071-36/+36
* src: rename existing functions to use the nftnl_ prefixPablo Neira Ayuso2015-09-071-52/+52
* tests: also test nat flags attributeArturo Borrero2014-10-031-0/+4
* rename library to libnftnllibnftnl-1.0.0Pablo Neira Ayuso2014-01-201-2/+2
* tests: add unit tests for libnftablesAna Rey2013-11-201-0/+112