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src: add 'auto-merge' option to sets
After discussions with Karel here: And later on with Phil Sutter, we decided to disable the automatic merge feature in sets with intervals. This feature is problematic because it introduces an inconsistency between what we add and what we later on get. This is going to get worse with the upcoming timeout support for intervals. Therefore, we turned off this by default. However, Jeff Kletsky and folks like this feature, so let's restore this behaviour on demand with this new 'auto-merge' statement, that you can place on the set definition, eg. # nft list ruleset table ip x { ... set y { type ipv4_addr flags interval auto-merge } } # nft add element x z {, } Regarding implementation details: Given this feature only makes sense from userspace, let's store this in the set user data area, so nft knows it has to do automatic merge of adjacent/overlapping elements as per user request. # nft add set x z { type ipv4_addr\; auto-merge\; } Error: auto-merge only works with interval sets add set x z { type ipv4_addr; auto-merge; } ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Fixes: Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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