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documentation: clarify iif vs. iifname
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@@ -15,6 +15,29 @@ directly or as qualified meta expressions. Meta l4proto is useful to match a
particular transport protocol that is part of either an IPv4 or IPv6 packet. It
will also skip any IPv6 extension headers present in an IPv6 packet.
+meta iif, oif, iifname and oifname are used to match the interface a packet
+arrived on or is about to be sent out on.
+iif and oif are used to match on the interface index, whereas iifname and
+oifname are used to match on the interface name.
+This is not the same -- assuming the rule
+ filter input meta iif "foo"
+Then this rule can only be added if the interface "foo" exists.
+Also, the rule will continue to match even if the
+interface "foo" is renamed to "bar".
+This is because internally the interface index is used.
+In case of dynamically created interfaces, such as tun/tap or dialup
+interfaces (ppp for example), it might be better to use iifname or oifname
+In these cases, the name is used so the interface doesn't have to exist to
+add such a rule, it will stop matching if the interface gets renamed and it
+will match again in case interface gets deleted and later a new interface
+with the same name is created.
.Meta expression types
@@ -124,7 +147,7 @@ filter output meta oif eth0
# unqualified meta expression
filter output oif eth0
-# packed was subject to ipsec processing
+# packet was subject to ipsec processing
raw prerouting meta ipsec exists accept