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Eliminate struct mnl_ctx
The issue leading to this patch was that debug output in nft_mnl_talk() bypasses the application-defined output_fp. While investigating, another problem was discovered: Most of the ad-hoc defined mnl_ctx objects have their field 'debug_mask' set to zero regardless of what netlink_ctx contains (this affects non-batch code path only). The intuitive solution to both of those issues required to extend function parameters of all the non-batch functions as well as the common nft_mnl_talk() one. Instead of complicating them even further, this patch instead makes them accept a pointer to netlink_ctx as first parameter to gather both the old (nf_sock, seqnum) and the new values (debug_mask, octx) from. Since after the above change struct mnl_ctx was not really used anymore, so the remaining places were adjusted as well to allow for removing the struct altogether. Note that cache routines needed special treatment: Although parameters of cache_update() make it a candidate for the same change, it can't be converted since it is called in evaluation phase sometimes in which there is no netlink context available (but just eval context instead). Since netlink_genid_get() needs a netlink context though, the ad-hoc netlink_ctx definition from cache_init() is moved into cache_update() to have it available there already. Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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