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expression: extend 'nft describe' to allow listing data types
nft describe ct_status before: symbol expression, datatype invalid (invalid), 0 bits after: datatype ct_status (conntrack status) (basetype bitmask, integer), 32 bits pre-defined symbolic constants (in hexadecimal): expected 0x00000001 seen-reply 0x00000002 [..] Signed-off-by: Florian Westphal <> Acked-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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@@ -642,9 +642,11 @@ representation of symbolic values and type compatibility with other expressions.
-*describe* 'expression'
+*describe* 'expression' | 'data type'
The *describe* command shows information about the type of an expression and its data type.
+A data type may also be given, in which nft will display more information
+about the type.
.The describe command
@@ -670,6 +672,17 @@ and type compatibility of expressions. A number of global data types exist, in
addition some expression types define further data types specific to the
expression type. Most data types have a fixed size, some however may have a
dynamic size, f.i. the string type. +
+Some types also have predefined symbolic constants. Those can be listed
+using the nft *describe* command:
+$ nft describe ct_state
+datatype ct_state (conntrack state) (basetype bitmask, integer), 32 bits
+pre-defined symbolic constants (in hexadecimal):
+invalid 0x00000001
+new ...
Types may be derived from lower order types, f.i. the IPv4 address type is
derived from the integer type, meaning an IPv4 address can also be specified as