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parser: fix inconsistencies in set expression rules
Set keys are currently defined as a regular expr for pure sets and map_lhs_expr for maps. map_lhs_expr is what can actually be used for a single member, namely a concat_expr or a multiton_expr. The reason why pure sets use expr for the key is to allow recursive set specifications, which doesn't make sense for maps since every element needs a mapping. However, the rule is too wide and also allows map expressions as a key, which obviously doesn't make sense. Rearrange the rules so we have: set_lhs_expr: concat or multiton set_rhs_expr: concat or verdict and special case the recursive set specifications, as they deserve. Besides making it a lot easier to understand what is actually supported, this will be used by the following patch to support timeouts and comments for keys in a uniform way. Signed-off-by: Patrick McHardy <>
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