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tests/py: Move tcpopt.t to any/ directory
Merge tcpopt.t files in ip, ip6 and inet into a common one, they were just marignally different. Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <>
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+:input;type filter hook input priority 0
+tcp option eol kind 1;ok
+tcp option noop kind 1;ok
+tcp option maxseg kind 1;ok
+tcp option maxseg length 1;ok
+tcp option maxseg size 1;ok
+tcp option window kind 1;ok
+tcp option window length 1;ok
+tcp option window count 1;ok
+tcp option sack-permitted kind 1;ok
+tcp option sack-permitted length 1;ok
+tcp option sack kind 1;ok
+tcp option sack length 1;ok
+tcp option sack left 1;ok
+tcp option sack0 left 1;ok;tcp option sack left 1
+tcp option sack1 left 1;ok
+tcp option sack2 left 1;ok
+tcp option sack3 left 1;ok
+tcp option sack right 1;ok
+tcp option sack0 right 1;ok;tcp option sack right 1
+tcp option sack1 right 1;ok
+tcp option sack2 right 1;ok
+tcp option sack3 right 1;ok
+tcp option timestamp kind 1;ok
+tcp option timestamp length 1;ok
+tcp option timestamp tsval 1;ok
+tcp option timestamp tsecr 1;ok
+tcp option foobar;fail
+tcp option foo bar;fail
+tcp option eol left;fail
+tcp option eol left 1;fail
+tcp option eol left 1;fail
+tcp option sack window;fail
+tcp option sack window 1;fail
+tcp option window exists;ok
+tcp option window missing;ok
+tcp option maxseg size set 1360;ok