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tests/py: modify supported test file syntax
Until now, the syntax to represent tables and chains in test files was: *ip;test-ip4 *ip6;test-ip6 *inet;test-inet :input;type filter hook input priority 0 Where lines starting with * are tables and lines starting with : are chains. This commit change the test script to deal with new syntax: :input;type filter hook input priority 0 *ip;test-ip4;input *ip6;test-ip6;input *inet;test-inet;input Now the chains should be included before tables. Also, lines defining tables have a new third part (delimited by semicolon) where the chains needed by the table are declared. If table needs to include more than one chain, those must be separated by commas: :input;type filter hook input priority 0 :forward;type filter hook forward priority 0 :output;type filter hook output priority 0 *arp;test-arp;input,forward,output This new syntax allow to include in the same test file chains not supported by all families of tables tested. Signed-off-by: Pablo M. Bermudo Garay <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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