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authorPhil Sutter <>2019-06-07 19:21:21 +0200
committerPablo Neira Ayuso <>2019-06-07 23:54:51 +0200
commite5382c0d08e3c6d8246afa95b7380f0d6b8c1826 (patch)
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src: Support intra-transaction rule references
A rule may be added before or after another one using index keyword. To support for the other rule being added within the same batch, one has to make use of NFTNL_RULE_ID and NFTNL_RULE_POSITION_ID attributes. This patch does just that among a few more crucial things: * If cache is complete enough to contain rules, update cache when evaluating rule commands so later index references resolve correctly. * Reduce rule_translate_index() to its core code which is the actual linking of rules and consequently rename the function. The removed bits are pulled into the calling rule_evaluate() to reduce code duplication in between cache updates with and without rule reference. * Pass the current command op to rule_evaluate() as indicator whether to insert before or after a referenced rule or at beginning or end of chain in cache. Exploit this from chain_evaluate() to avoid adding the chain's rules a second time. Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <> Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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diff --git a/tests/shell/testcases/cache/0003_cache_update_0 b/tests/shell/testcases/cache/0003_cache_update_0
index fa9b5df3..05edc9c7 100755
--- a/tests/shell/testcases/cache/0003_cache_update_0
+++ b/tests/shell/testcases/cache/0003_cache_update_0
@@ -34,6 +34,9 @@ EOF
# add rule ip t4 c meta l4proto icmp accept -> rule to reference in next step
# add rule ip t4 c index 0 drop -> index 0 is not found due to rule cache not
# being updated
+# add rule ip t4 c index 2 drop -> index 2 is not found due to igmp rule being
+# in same transaction and therefore not having
+# an allocated handle
$NFT -i >/dev/null <<EOF
add table ip t4; add chain ip t4 c
add rule ip t4 c meta l4proto icmp accept
@@ -41,3 +44,7 @@ EOF
$NFT -f - >/dev/null <<EOF
add rule ip t4 c index 0 drop
+$NFT -f - >/dev/null <<EOF
+add rule ip t4 c meta l4proto igmp accept
+add rule ip t4 c index 2 drop