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tests: shell: bogus EBUSY in set deletion after flush
flush chain ip filter group_7933 Removes all rules, including references to set 'group_7933', however: delete map ip filter group_7933 results in: delete.nft:6:1-32: Error: Could not process rule: Device or resource busy delete map ip filter group_7933 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
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+RULESET='add table ip filter
+add chain ip filter group_7933
+add map ip filter group_7933 { type ipv4_addr : classid; flags interval; }
+add rule ip filter group_7933 meta priority 0 meta priority set ip saddr map @group_7933 counter
+add element ip filter group_7933 { : "1:0xc7cb" }
+set -e
+$NFT -f - <<< "$RULESET"
+RULESET='delete element ip filter group_7933 { }
+flush chain ip filter group_7933
+delete chain ip filter group_7933
+delete map ip filter group_7933'
+$NFT -f - <<< "$RULESET"