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tests: py: Enable anonymous set rule with concatenated ranges in inet/sets.t
Commit 64b9aa3803dd ("tests/py: Add tests involving concatenated ranges") introduced a rule, commented out, adding an anonymous set including concatenated ranges. Now that they are properly handled, we can enable it. Note that this introduces a new warning. In the output below, '\' marks newlines I introduced to keep lines short: inet/sets.t: WARNING: line 24: \ 'add rule inet test-inet input ip daddr . tcp dport \ { . 10-23, . 80-443 } accept': \ 'ip daddr . tcp dport \ { . 10-23, . 80-443 } accept' \ mismatches 'meta nfproto ipv4 ip daddr . tcp dport \ { . 10-23, . 80-443} accept' which is similar to the existing warning, also introduced by commit 64b9aa3803dd: inet/sets.t: WARNING: line 23: \ 'add rule inet test-inet input \ ip saddr . ip daddr . tcp dport @set3 accept': \ 'ip saddr . ip daddr . tcp dport @set3 accept' mismatches \ 'meta nfproto ipv4 ip saddr . ip daddr . tcp dport @set3 accept' This is mentioned in the commit message for 64b9aa3803dd itself: * Payload dependency killing ignores the concatenated IP header expressions on LHS, so rule output is asymmetric. which means that for family inet, 'meta nfproto ipv4' is added to the output of the rule, on top of what was passed as input, but not for families bridge and netdev. For this reason, it's not possible in this case to specify a single expected output, differing from the input, and, also, 'meta nfproto ipv4' can only be passed as input for family inet as it's not relevant for the other families. As an alternative, we could split the rules from this test into tests for the corresponding families, as this test case itself is under the 'inet' directory, but I consider this beyond the scope of this patchset. v2: Enable rule in py/inet/sets.t instead of adding a new test in shell/sets (Phil Sutter) Signed-off-by: Stefano Brivio <>
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