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@@ -5,24 +5,24 @@ It can run arbitrary executables which can perform any test apart of testing
the nft syntax or netlink code (which is what the regression tests does).
To run the test suite (as root):
- % cd tests/shell
- % ./
+ $ cd tests/shell
+ # ./
Test files are executables files with the pattern <<name_N>>, where N is the
expected return code of the executable. Since they are located with `find',
test-files can be spread in any sub-directories.
You can turn on a verbose execution by calling:
- % ./ -v
+ # ./ -v
And generate missing dump files with:
- % ./ -g <TESTFILE>
+ # ./ -g <TESTFILE>
Before each call to the test-files, `nft flush ruleset' will be called.
Also, test-files will receive the environment variable $NFT which contains the
path to the nftables binary being tested.
You can pass an arbitrary $NFT value as well:
- % NFT=/usr/local/sbin/nft ./
+ # NFT=/usr/local/sbin/nft ./
By default the tests are run with the nft binary at '../../src/nft'